SEO or SEM, what is the best strategy for my e-commerce

SEO or SEM, what is the best strategy for my e-commerce ?

L’The illusion of creating our own online business can be frustrated when, after the’have started, the sales have not yet arrived. This low traffic can be caused by various reasons, but there is one that stands out from all others: the low number of visits to our online store.

To remedy this uncomfortable situation, there is a reliable and effective solution: to rank at the top of Google’s search results. To achieve this, there are two different marketing strategies: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In this post, I will give you some guidelines so that you can choose the strategy that best suits the needs of your online business.

All of them’First, we will briefly explain what SEO and SEM are and what they do’They consist exactly of.

Natural Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO Search Engine Optimization” is derived from “Search Engine Optimization”, which literally means optimization for search engines. In summary, SEO is a set of techniques aimed at positioning in search engines, i.e., to improve the visibility of your website’s visibility’In order for a website to appear in the organic results of the various search engines (especially the most used, Google).

The two main factors on which the natural referencing is based on improving the visibility of your website’a website are the’The first one is the authority (popularity of the site) and the relevance (relation of the site with the search performed).

In order to’optimize the’authority and relevance’For a website, SEO is divided into two blocks of techniques or performance parameters: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO s’SEO deals with optimizations within the web page itself (keywords, URLs, loading time, etc.).), while Off-Page SEO focuses on the external elements that influence web positioning (links, CTR, presence on social networks, etc.).).

SEMThe Search Engine Marketing

L’The acronym “SEM”, for its part, derives from the term “search engine optimization”’English “Search Engine Marketing”, which would mean in Spanish, literally, marketing (marketing) in search engines. Although when we talk about SEM we are talking about paid online marketing techniques for positioning in search engines, the truth is that SEM encompasses all techniques and strategies of online marketing in search engines, paid or not.

If we understand SEM as its first meaning, it is the authority and relevance of the website’SEM is the term used to describe campaigns that use paid advertisements on search engines. There are two main types of these advertisements on Google: Google AdWords and Google Shopping.

Google AdWords is the most popular and most used advertising strategy in the US search engine, and its ads usually appear above the first organic results.

D’somewhere else, Google Shopping focuses more on online stores, as it displays graphic ads with an image of the product and its price. These ads usually appear to the right of the organic results, although’they may also appear above.

Now that we have something clearer about SEO and SEM, we will highlight their main differences, we as’SEOClic online marketing agency help you understand the differences between SEO and SEM.

Differences between SEO and SEM

Time needed for positioning

All of’First of all, a very important disparity between SEO and SEM is the time it takes to position your website’we will have to invest so that our online activity reaches an optimal positioning in Google. With SEM, whether via AdWords With SEO or Google Shopping, our company will appear on the first page of the search engine in a short period of time (depending on the price paid for the website)’It is important that we use the same method of advertising, so that we get visits quickly and efficiently.

If we use SEO, the time it takes for this to happen will depend mainly on the work we have done on our website, as well as the average level of competition (keyword to position). With good SEO work and not too much competition, our store could appear on the first page of Google in a few months, or maybe sooner if the optimized keyword is uncommon.

It may seem that SEM is a better option a priori than SEO, but below I’ll show you how to choose the right one’There are other factors to consider that could tip the balance in one direction or the other’other.

Cost and visibility in the long term

Another important difference between a SEM campaign and an SEO campaign is the cost of the campaign. If we opt for AdWords ads, for example, the price we pay will be determined by the number of clicks on our site. This price varies according to the sector of our activity: s’it s’act of’When we stop working on SEO in a sector where the competition is strong (such as the insurance industry), the cost of each click will increase exponentially’insurance), the cost of each click will increase exponentially, so an SEM campaign will only be viable if we have a high volume of sales.

The SEO n’It is not free, because it requires a lot of work and dedication, but its cost is much lower than SEM, because you do not pay for each click made.

Also, once we stop funding our ads for the SEM campaign, our website will cease to be a source of revenue’Be visible instantly. When we stop working on the SEO of’a website, it also tends to lose positions, but it does so gradually.

It no longer seems as clear that SEM is the best option, n’is it not ? However, the decision to use SEM is not always easy’Opting for SEO’one or the’The other option will depend on the specific needs of our online business.

Which strategy to choose for my business, SEO or SEM ?

Here is the big question. Well, if we want to invest as much as possible to position our online business quickly, solidly and sustainably, I would say that the best option is a common strategy: SEO and SEM.

Without a doubt, a online marketing campaign with SEO and SEM to the’unison will be very, very strong, and our company will position itself perfectly. The only negative point of this option is that its costs can be too high.

If we choose only between SEO and SEM, we must consider whether our project is short, medium or long term. If our project is medium or long term, the price will vary’Investment in SEO is fundamental. J’Use the’adjective “fundamental” because SEO in this case is really essential if we want our online business to be profitable in a sustainable way and not just a flower of the day.

The organic positioning will end up making the difference in this sense, although it is not always the case’at the beginning of the campaign it is advisable to use the online marketing campaign’It is important to have a source of income independent of the online store to finance it, because the results are not immediate, as I mentioned earlier’The results are not immediate, as I mentioned earlier.

However, this does not mean that’investing in a SEM campaign is not a good option. L’Investment in SEM is fundamental and essential for short-distance projects, such as specific annual campaigns like the January and July sales or Christmas. It is also highly recommended for limited edition products, which will remain in stock for a short period of time.

SEM is also an excellent option if we want to test the market. With an AdWords or Google Shopping ad campaign you can be seen instantly’a limited time, we will be able to check if our product has good sales prospects.

J’We hope we have helped you decide which online marketing strategy to invest in for your business. For my part, the recommendation is clear: if we have the means to finance a joint campaign SEO and SEM, it n’there is no better option.

Web marketing training: what is it?’wait ?

As the popularity of web marketing continues to grow, so does the demand for web marketing training. We told you what SEO is used for, we will explain how a web marketing training is the best way to achieve this’ideal to get started.

S’There are many ways to acquire the skills and’If you want to learn about web marketing, taking a training course is often considered the best way to get started’There are many ways to acquire skills and thus work on your web marketing strategy.

So what can you expect from IT outsourcing?’Web marketing training ? Here are some things to keep in mind’mind:

  • Learn practical skills

While theory is important, most web marketing course focus on the’You can, however, set up an internal manager who takes care of the service and ensures the acquisition of practical skills that you can use immediately.

  • You will learn from’experts

When you take a Web marketing course, you learn from a number of experts’experts who have years of experience in the’experience in this field.

  • L’focus on results

Most web marketing courses are designed to help you get real results. This means that you can expect to learn how to generate sales, generate traffic and convert visitors into customers.