Business trip The electronic visa to simplify your procedures

Business trip: the electronic visa to simplify your procedures

You are often required to make professional trips abroad, and you can no longer support the queues necessary to obtain a visa ? Indeed, many countries are asking for a residence permit to enter their territory. Be aware, however, that some of them have created an electronic visa system to replace the old business visa, sometimes very complicated to obtain. Here is everything you need to know about the subject.

What is’a visa ?

The electronic visa, or e-visa, is a residence permit on a foreign territory, issued via a digital procedure. It replaces the traditional visa, obtained through embassies or other consular representations. You fill out an online form, proceed to payment on the platform, and receive the document by email.

You can then print it and present it when boarding and landing.

More and more countries have chosen to adopt this simplified electronic system. You can thus benefit from a Cambodia visa, or even be issued an electronic visa for Canada, Australia or Ethiopia. In the coming months, many new countries should set up this practice.

You can easily find the list of countries on the canvas offering this service for French business travelers.

What is the interest of the e-visa for professional trips ?

Unlike the procedure framing the traditional visa request, the steps to obtain an e-visa are much simpler, and do not require moving. In a professional setting, the classic business visa requires even more efforts, with the justification of the motive for the trip. The study of the file is often long and tedious. By referring to e-visa, you are more likely to get your authorization quickly. Indeed, you can make the request from anywhere, consult the list of parts to provide online, and easily carry out last minute procedures.

Finally, you receive the document within a much shorter deadlines, directly on your electronic messaging.

How to get it ?

The procedure is carried out on the internet. You can make an individual or collective request. Be careful, because the conditions of obtaining differ according to the nationality of the traveler. You can do the online procedures yourself, or through a dedicated service from your company.

As part of a business trip, the documents required are generally: a valid passport, a well completed request form, a copy of plane tickets, an identity photo, the letter letter of the employer’s mission and a copy of the accommodation booking. Some countries also request an invitation letter and a travel insurance certificate.

E-visa therefore simplifies the life of all professionals called abroad. When one of your employees goes on a mission, also remember to take out specific insurance.