Securing payments where we are in 2023 modern geek

Securing payments: where are we in 2023 ?

Today, it is more and more common to buy online. Consumers are thus always more present to heat the bank card on the Internet. Nevertheless, before entering your banking information, it is important to ensure that this data will be secured once informed.

What is secure online payment ? What are the Good practices for securing payments online in 2023 ? Discover everything you need to know about securing payments on the Internet today.

Secure online payment: C’is what ?

Securing a personal and professional account payments is very important.

Secure payment on a merchant site is a payment ensuring the impermeability of the transfer of your banking information. VS’That is to say that your bank card number, expiration date and cryptogram are encrypted. In practice, this means that your banking data is only transmitted to the merchant site where you are paying payment.

Today, Ensure secure online payment to its customers is essential for merchant sites managers. Indeed, this can be crippling for a new customer not to have security insurance for his payment.

As a result, many sites have an online pro account which allows them to offer several types of secure payments to customers while managing them from a single interface.

What are the good practices for securing online payments in 2022 ?

A few years ago, buying on the Internet was a risk that few wished to run for fear of being hacked down your banking information. However, online payments safety is today stronger than it has ever been so that consumers can order on the Internet without fear. Some good practices are nevertheless to be known to increase securing online payments.

The first good practice that we want to highlight is the use of secure means of payments. Indeed, before any habit to be taken online, the means of payment itself can make it possible to ensure a Better security of payments. For this, banks offer two services:

  • The blue e-card (or virtual bank card): the virtual bank card is the new secure asset to pay serenely online. By publishing a virtual card for each online payment, the user is guaranteed to make available only the funds necessary for its purchase. In case of hacking, the balance of the bank account is untouchable;
  • The 3D Secure 3D bank card: the 3D Secure system is a system directly connected to a bank card. It includes a double verification by sending a single -use code by SMS. We can usually find this free option on Visa or Mastercard bank cards to strengthen securing online payments.

Note: Since May 15, 2021 (DSP2 paying standard), a strong authentication system has become compulsory for purchases of more than € 30 in order to increase the security of payments. Even more secure than double authentication by SMS, online payment will therefore require being approved manually through the mobile application of its bank.

In addition to theUse of a more secure payment method, There are also other habits to adopt online to reduce the risk of hacking: