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Which pro bank to choose in 2023 ?

The business bank account is used by a company throughout its existence. In concrete terms, it is dedicated to the disbursements and receipts related to its activity. In addition to the classic services included in a traditional current account, it integrates functionalities specially designed for professionals. Is such an account mandatory? ? Which bank to choose to open it ?

Is it compulsory to’open a business account ?

Opening an account with a The bank of a business account allows the registration A certificate of deposit is required to register a company with the RCS (Registre du commerce et des sociétés). However, this is not mandatory for all companies.

In detail, the professional bank account is a legal obligation for any company whose patrimony is separated from that of the legal representative, the associates and the corporate officers. Are concerned by this provision :

  • Multi-person companies such as SA, SAS and SARL;
  • Single-person companies such as the EURL and the SASU;
  • The micro-enterprise, under certain conditions;
  • The individual company, according to the professional activity carried out.

The professional bank account allows a company to carry out the deposit of share capital. A certificate of deposit of funds is then given to him. Without this document, it will not be able to register with the RCS.

In other words, in certain cases, the creation of a company can only take place if a professional bank account is opened. For more information on the subject, please consult the article: Business bank account: is it an obligation ?

What is the best bank for a business account ?

What is the best bank for a business account?

A company can turn to You can open a business account with any bankl. It can thus choose among the various offers of the traditional banks, the online banks and the neobanks.

However, it should be noted that a bank has the possibility to refuse the opening of a professional account to a company. In such a situation, the Banque de France can be contacted to assert the right to an account. A designated bank will then have to accept the application to open an account for the company.

To avoid a refusal to open an account by a bank of a pro account, it is preferable to orientate oneself from the outset towards a neobank. The subscription is simplified by this type of dematerialized banking institution which does not require any proof of income or professional situation.

Which is the cheapest bank for professionals ?

The neobanks are without doubt the cheapest establishments for professionals. Let's take as an example Manager One, a neobank that offers a dedicated account for companies. While its offer includes a number of practical services and features, it only costs 29,99 euros per month.

By way of comparison, the account maintenance fees alone amount to 38 euros per month at the traditional bank Société Générale.

In addition to the limited bank charges, Holding an account with a neobank offers other advantages such as :

  • The free account opening ;
  • A mobile application to manage your account remotely; etc.

Which bank to choose for a self-employed professional account ?

Which bank to choose for a professional account auto-entrepreneur?

In 2015, the opening of a business account with a bank for a pro account has become mandatory for auto-entrepreneurs. This provision was implemented as part of the fight against fraud in social security contributions, which can now be paid on the Net-Entreprises platform.

It was however more flexible in 2019. Therefore, the obligation to have a separate bank account from one's personal account only concerns a micro-entrepreneur if he or she has a :

  • Has an annual turnover of more than 10 000 euros ;
  • This, over 2 years in a row.

In any case, the business bank account has a Real interest for an auto-entrepreneur. It allows him to have an optimal visibility on his activity, his professional and personal assets being quite distinct.

Because of its a wide range of services, the Boursorama Pro offer of Boursorama Banque is particularly interesting for auto-entrepreneurs. These benefit among others :

  • A Visa credit card;
  • An authorized overdraft ;
  • A complete insurance.

If you are planning to start a business, do not hesitate to consult other articles to learn more about the business bank account.