Which platform to use to start buying stocks online

Which platform to use to start buying stocks online ?

There are a myriad of trading platforms available to you today to buy stocks online. Each player may also have a predilection for a particular product such as ETFs, CFDs, cryptoactives, etc. Therefore, you must choose the right person to trade stocks in optimal conditions.

You should also pay attention to brokerage fees and trading risks.

3 platforms to buy stocks online

You need to understand the issues before deciding which one to choose platform to use to start buying stocks online. This type of operation can indeed generate interesting profits, but also significant losses. Moreover, the risks are higher on products that are potentially more profitable.

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To limit your level of exposure, you should only use money you can afford to lose. It is important to insist on this principle before making any transactions. On the other hand, courses are inherently unpredictable, even for professionals. You can nevertheless reduce the risks by choosing a good broker.

This intermediary will allow you to follow market trends and find the best stocks of the moment.


Degiro is often recommended to individuals looking for which platform to use to start buying stocks online. This regulated site stands out among others by the transparency and accessibility of its services. Indeed, the broker applies one of the most affordable brokerage fees on the market on Euronext (0.04%).

Commissions vary depending on the area of investment. In addition to stocks, the platform also offers the opportunity to invest in :

  • Options;
  • ETFs (called Trackers);
  • CFDs;
  • Bonds;
  • Futures;
  • Leveraged financial products.

That said, stocks are still the best way to get started in the stock market. You can then diversify with experience. Moreover, this type of product supports a multitude of sectors.

You will have the opportunity to invest your capital while participating in the real economy.

This platform is also praised for its simplified interface that is understandable for all profiles, from beginners to experienced traders. Finally, the broker offers a didactic formula called “Investor Academy”. This section will help you better understand how investments and the stock market work.


eToro is now one of the most famous online brokers in the world. This means that many beginners are no longer confused about which platform to use to start buying stocks online. They immediately turn to this contact person.

The site also has various assets to retain amateur traders attracted by its reputation.

Beyond its popularity, eToro stands out for the great diversity of its products and features. Moreover, beginners are particularly advantaged by Social Trading. This system allows you to learn how to trade via various resources and exchanges with experienced investors. It comes in two forms:

  • Copy Trader, consisting of replicating the strategies of professional traders;
  • Copy Portfolios, inviting you to copy the way more experienced traders create their portfolios.

In terms of assets, the broker offers shares, currencies, stock market indices, ETFs, CFDs, commodities, cryptocurrencies… It is particularly appreciated for the absence of fees on shares and the low spreads on CFDs. However, these various advantages do not protect you from the risks inherent in any investment. You must therefore remain cautious.

Admiral Market

Admiral Market is among the best players in the sector as evidenced by its titles as a CFD and Forex broker. These awards were based on customer reviews in the UK, Spain and Germany. Specifically, the platform offers attractive spreads on major indices such as the CAC 40 or the DAX.

It also distinguishes itself in the stock market.

Brokerage fees vary significantly between Forex, stocks and commodities. Nevertheless, they remain generally interesting for investors. The site also offers specific solutions to help beginners learn the basics of stock trading.

Finally, the broker offers a French and omnichannel customer service, reachable by chat, phone, email or via Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp. This feature allows for continuous support of novice traders, on all platforms. So you can always get assistance or information in case of problems.