What are the favorite packaging of Actualite-FR consumer

What are the favorite packaging of consumers ?

Most of the products we buy are distributed with packaging. The containers in which the products are packaged as packaging is qualified as packaging. It can in particular S’Act boxes, jars, bottles or boxes. What are the favorite packaging of consumers ?

Glass packaging

Glass is a very popular consumer packaging material. In L’food industry, he even finds himself at the top of the list. NOT’Do not hesitate to go to the Pontorope site.com to find the appropriate bottles and pots in glass for package that you market.

Glass is a material D’mineral origin. VS’This is why we recommend glass jars to properly condition jams, sauces and canned. Glass bottles lend themselves very well to the storage of beers, fruit juices and wines.

Attention ! The choice of Glass packaging not’is not trivial. Indeed, consumers prefer this material due to its properties. Made from natural minerals, glass is a neutral, stable and non -reactive element. Thus, he n’not affects food and drinks that’it contains. In other words, they preserve all their nutritional qualities, as well as their tastes and arômy.

Besides, he s’ACT D’a recyclable material which therefore inscribes the’company that l’use to condition your products in an eco -responsible approach.

Plastic packaging

Thermoplastic packaging is increasingly seduced, especially in the food and pharmaceutical field. They are particularly used for Conditioning vitamins, as well as nutrition products for athletes.

The most used thermoplastics are:

  • PVCs (vinyl polychlorides),
  • PE (polyethylenes),
  • THE Fart (Polyethylenes Téréphtalates),
  • Polyamides (PA),
  • Polystyrenes (PS).

Note: There are D’Other thermoplastic packaging. The choice depends mainly on the’element that’He will contain. It can s’Acts empty pots for powders or jars for pellets.

The powders are relatively fragile. They risk losing their values and their virtues if they are poorly conditioned, but thanks to the Thermoplastic processing, These powders can keep the’integrality of their benefits in their packaging. As for pellet pots, they are specially designed to keep the pellets in good condition (powder or liquid).

Consumer's favorite glass or plastic packaging

Metal packaging

Yes, consumers also display a certain craze for metal packaging. We are more precisely alluding to the lids of jars and glass jars. In this category also appear the capsules of the bottles which are generally made of aluminum.

The metal packaging of the different canneds also come’add to list. They effectively keep tomatoes, sardines, tuna and prepinated vegetables. Not to mention the different drinks that are packaged in cans.

Consumers prefer this type of packaging, because it allows drinks to stay cool. VS’is notably the case for beers and iced teas.

Lighting paper and cardboard packaging

Paper packaging is currently experiencing a great success. THE eco -responsible packaging particularly seduce due to their many advantages. Today’Hui for example, the Kraft S paper bag’imposes as a better ecological alternative to the plastic bag.

D’Elsewhere, we’Use in almost all areas.

Regarding cardboard packaging, they essentially serve to contain cosmetic products, drugs, toys and food products.