Email Marketing Strategy The big challenges to take up

Marketing email strategy: the major challenges to be met

The digital age and social networks being in full peak, emails allow consumers, acquired or potential to be effectively affecting, who consult their reception box on average at least once a day. Mailing must therefore be an integral part of your business’s marketing strategy to establish a lasting and quality relationship with your customers. How to implement an effective mailing strategy and in what interests ? This is what we invite you to discover.

How to make an effective mailing ?

How to make an effective mailing?

To be effective, your Emailing campaign must have a busy database, because it is To this what is used by marketing email : touch the greatest number, with precision. You can legally harvest email addresses, save authorizations to collect and process their information, by creating opt in : Small windows opening with the page of a website offering you to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter for example, in exchange for your email.
Your marketing team will have to Probe and analyze consumers, their needs and desires, as well as current market trends by positioning you in the face of your competitors. You will be able to know and target consumers more precisely by offering them very likely information to interest them.
The information must be relevant and quality, With real added value to arouse the interest of the user among all the other emails he will have received in his reception box. Of good marketing email practices are to be respected to prevent your email from being found in spam (avoid red and capital letters in the police of “the object” of the email for example).
Finally, establish a mailing schedule according to your objectives:

  • punctual : Newsletters (company news, tutorial of one of its products, etc.) and email campaigns (promotions, contests, etc.);
  • automated : transactional emails (appointment recall, digital ticket, purchase confirmation, etc.) And Marketing Automation (to establish more personalized contact with a potential customer).

How to send emails marketing ?

How to send marketing emails?

It is recommended to use a email software, Because sending marketing emails is a time -consuming activity if it is not well organized. These software, which is found on the email sending platforms, allow you to:

  • ensure the issuance of email to its recipients;
  • Segment your mail list (similar profiles, interest of a group for the same product / service, geolocation) while customizing the message as much as possible;
  • Create email models that take into account the user experience by developing the design and quality of the message. This must be responsive in order to be easily read on a smartphone (more 53% Global Internet traffic was on smartphone in 2020);
  • Establish statistics to find out the opening and responsiveness rate of your emails (what are the most efficient, at what period, what type, etc.);
  • Have an up -to -date contact list to stay effective;
  • win time.

Also think of integrate social networks at your emailing strategy (strategy Social Media)) : nearly 4 billion people worldwide use social networks today. You will increase the interest of your consumers, their commitment rate (and possibly conversion), the number of broadcasts and sharing that will improve your visibility.

Why do a campaign’e-mailing ?

Why do a campaign campaign?

Make an email campaign Allows you to achieve many commercial and marketing objectives, the 3 main ones of which are:

  • Increase your notoriety and your visibility to expand the field of your potential targets;
  • strengthen your image And your reputation for becoming a reference of trust and quality in the eyes of your customers and stands out from your competitors by your expertise;
  • the sale of your products and services and the increase in your turnover.

Your emailing campaign can take place at all steps in your customer relationship: even before it is acquired (prospecting), during the first purchase (conversion) then as long as possible (loyalty). The marketing mailing therefore also has secondary objectives, but essential to these first 3:

  • Prospecting and information with potential customers;
  • Acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty of its customers;
  • Presentation and promotion of a new product or service;
  • placement on the market in the face of its competitors;
  • Added value and “awards” for the consumer with tutorial videos for example or the implementation of a blog around the company of the company and its customers while respecting the codes of the mobile marketing.

Think of Plan the marketing strategy in your business In the short and medium term (rhythm of email shipments, frequencies of updates of content for mailing in particular) but especially in the long term, to maintain the interest of your consumers over several months or even years.