What is the role of a web agency

What is the role of’a web agency ?

In June 2020, there were no less than 1.78 billion websites worldwide. As an entrepreneur, digitizing your business has become a necessity to ensure your sustainability in a constantly changing society. However, going digital requires specific skills.

Stakes, advantages and advices, discover all that a web agency can do for you.

Why do digital communication? ?

Why do digital communication?

In the era of a 2.0, many professionals have adapted to the evolution of the population’s customs and consumption modes, by reinforcing their presence on the web and social networks in particular. Digitizing your company In conclusion, the title of “weather application” has become essential to avoid being sidelined, to position yourself against your competitors and to perpetuate your business. The digital communication The integration of computer and digital tools in the marketing strategy and in the general functioning of the company is necessary to obtain the best benefits:

  • widening the scope of the company’s activities potential targets (national and international), because there is no geographical limit to digital communication, and helps to loyalty of its acquired customers ;
  • transmission of immediate information and easy, whatever the content or format (text, images, videos), internally and externally: you only need an internet connection ;
  • to propose more efficient products and/or services, more high tech, adapted to the evolution of the trends and the tastes of the consumers;
  • time saving thanks to the automation of certain processes (emailing campaign or content programming software for example);
  • better management of its database and its portfolio of customers, partners and service providers;
  • convey a modern image of a company that adapts to its customers and to the society.

Why use a web agency ?

Why call upon a web agency?

Being an entrepreneur does not mean being a web pro. Digital communication requires specific skills and encompass professions in their own right. Two solutions are available to business leaders:
1 – to train its internal personnel and/or to recruit external personnel, which means investing in human and financial resources ;
2 – to call upon a web agency, which represents a lower financial investment and a certain saving of time.
The role of a web agency is to accompany its customers to :

  • create a web site personalized to the company and adapted to its customers and their needs (thousands of websites are created every day, it is therefore necessary to stand out);
  • develop the web marketing of the site: SEO (for an optimal natural referencing which will allow to be well positioned on Google in particular), advertisements, management and feeding of social networks. A website must be active and propose quality contents, both visual and informative;
  • to increase its conversion rate (to transform the visit of a Net surfer on its site into passage to the purchase) thus of its sales turnover;
  • improve its image and reputation;
  • apply a specific marketing strategy and its data (those of the entrepreneur, but also those of its customers) by protecting itself from: defacements (legitimate content of the site replaced by content chosen by a malicious person); denials of service (making a site inaccessible for legitimate Internet users); entry doors to the information system of its host.

How to choose a web agency ?

How to choose a web agency ?

Appearing in parallel with websites in the 90s, web agencies have become more and more developed and specialized in one (or more) field(s) in order to meet the requirements of new professions (community manager, web designer, etc.).).
With the multitude of availabilities, it is essential, and sometimes difficult, to choose your web agency. It is necessary to focus on the professional aspects as much as on the human aspects (culture and values conveyed in particular), especially if you think to entrust your projects on the long term. Here are some elements of a web agency to check and that will help you make your choice:

  • the certifications quality ;
  • the notes and opinions of Internet users and professionals who have used its services;
  • the customer references ;
  • Terms and conditions, legal notices and even FAQ;
  • transparency (are the services well detailed, is there a real follow-up of the project upstream and downstream, etc.) ;
  • experience and skills put forward ;
  • the availability, reactivity and conviviality of the teams Collaboration must be established in a climate of trust and serenity.

Once you are on the agency’s website, you can check if what they want to apply to your site applies to theirs:

  • design and visual care ;
  • Ergonomics and smooth navigation;
  • time of loading of the pages ;
  • quality and frequency of the contents put on line;
  • website responsive (adaptable to smartphone);
  • understanding and visibility of offers.

Calling on a web agency has many advantages, both for the internal organization of its business and for the development of its activity, which requires’adapt to new digital tools and the digitalization of society.