What difference can there be between an SMS and an MMS

What is the difference between SMS and MMS? 

Until a few years ago, a cell phone was used to make a phone call or to take a picture. Now, there are also many functions that we have at our disposal. SMS and MMS are two of the other very used and practical means of communication and if you still don't know the difference, here is an explanation that can enlighten you on these two applications.

The difference between SMS and MMS

SMS is the abbreviation of Short Message Service which is a short text message not exceeding 160 characters and using only text. The MMS is the abbreviation of MultiMedia Messaging Service which is a more complete application than the SMS, because it allows to send or receive videos, photos, text and sound. Here are more details on these two features.


SMS was invented in 1989, but it was only commercialized in 1993. In the beginning, SMS was hardly used because cell phones did not have a keyboard. It was then possible to receive only SMS that were sent from a computer. In 1994, Nokia released the first keyboard for cell phones. The manufacturers then begin to integrate a keyboard to the mobiles.

This is the beginning of the advent of SMS. From then on, the use of SMS is spreading all over the world like wildfire. In France and in 2016, nearly 205 billion SMS messages were sent during the year alone.

Currently, this technology continues to be used on every one of our permanently connected devices although there has been a slight decline in the last three years or so.

Technology and marketing of SMS

On a technical level, SMS works almost like a voice phone call, but uses a different bandwidth. The recipient does not have to be available when receiving a text message. A telephone operator then stores the SMS and sends it several times. A few years ago, this system was quite expensive.

Its cost was 0,05 € per SMS for the operator. At the beginning, a package offered to the customer included a limited number of SMS in order not to generate additional costs. With the evolution of technology, the SMS offer is unlimited since 2012 with the first Free package.

Writing the SMS

At the beginning of the keyboards of cell phones, there were only numbers and to send an SMS, it was necessary to press several times on the keys to write a letter. Many users were reluctant to use the service because it was too complex and time consuming. Alphanumeric screens have appeared and the younger generations have even invented a new simplified language to go faster.

Thus, to say to tomorrow for example, we write "2m1" or to make a sentence: "ekse tu vi1 2m1". Emoticons are added to express emotion in the message.

Can we send an anonymous SMS ?

Contrary to what you might think, you can't do it yourself’one might think, it is possible to send a message anonymously’Send sms as a message’anonymous. It is enough to’to have a computer and an Internet connection at hand. In fact, there are sites like Textonyme that allow you to send a text message’The advantage of anonymous SMS is that it is not only possible to send SMS anonymously, but also to use it to reveal your feelings, to make your friends and family aware of your situation’You can also receive an SMS if the recipient wishes to reply. From your phone, you can also follow a similar procedure via the Internet’application on Android or iOS.

Once the’When the app is installed, you don't have to’have more than’You will be able to enter the recipient's phone number, write your message and configure your identity if necessary. L’Sending the message is free and your anonymity is preserved. The recipient will see s’display a number starting with 06.

But why send an anonymous message ? Generally, the people who use this service do not need to be able to send an SMS’They can be used to reveal their feelings, make a joke to friends, surprise their spouse, etc. D’others have more unhealthy goals and want to satisfy a revenge, reveal a secret, or other. In all cases, the’advantage of anonymous SMS c’is that’no trace can be made of your identity.

Finally, using an app that allows you to send a message to a friend is a good idea’sending sms anonymously means having a second phone number while preserving your identity.


The MMS or MultiMedia Messaging Service allows you to send and receive multimedia messages through a cell phone. The MMS appeared in 2002, but had its advent with the release of WAP, GPRS and 3G and 4G. With the decrease in the cost of packages, the MMS is unlimited in all packages in our country.

Technology and marketing of MMS

The MMS is closer to email than SMS, because the SMS is a simple written message while the MMS can be a written message to which it is possible to attach a photo, video or sound. Moreover, it is not limited to 160 characters. On the package side, MMS is included in unlimited in all current packages in France since the first subscription Free in 2012.

On the other hand, for marketing campaigns launched by companies, SMS is more used than MMS, because its rate is much lower, its distribution is immediate and it is compatible with other systems. In terms of corporate marketing, SMS has a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. The MMS can not give such a result.

These two technologies, as you will have noticed, are different on many points and are rather complementary for a good use of your cell phone. Their history is very interesting, because it is closely linked to the evolution of this means of communication. On the other hand, the use of SMS and MMS tends to decrease since the use of social network chats like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and many others.

It should be noted that these new applications provide much more functionality and are easier to use.