What is the use of personalized objects

What is the’usefulness of personalized objects ?

To arouse customers’ interest, personalized goodies are the best way to communicate. Distributing advertising objects with the image of the company also allows to create loyalty. However, it is necessary to know the right moment to offer them and to define the ideal type of gift to differentiate from the competition.

Why use personalized items in your communication ?

The use of personalized objects By opting for goodies with your company’s image, you can deploy relevant and precise campaigns while attracting qualified leads. Moreover, thanks to promotional gifts, you are able to present your activity in the best conditions.

However, it is advisable to choose useful personalized gifts for your customers to kill two birds with one stone. To convince you of the usefulness of personalized objects, here are some good arguments :

  • Advertising goodies require a more reasonable budget compared to TV commercials. However, they arouse the interest of the people to whom they have been offered.
  • These types of personalized gifts are designed to maintain customer relationships, please and reward customers for their loyalty.

Make sure the promotional items are meaningful to the recipient and useful in their daily life. A large choice of goodies easy to personalize is offered to you, from mugs to pens, key rings, USB keys or caps, among others. If you are short of ideas, don’t hesitate to visit the website of the advertising object experts such as maxilia.en.

Why use personalized items in your communication?

At what point in your customer journey should they be given ?

Marketing strategy experts are convinced of the usefulness of personalized objects. In fact, the advertising goodies are popular, because they can be adapted to any type of company, regardless of its field of activity or size. Moreover, playing the role of an advertising object, a personalized object is the perfect option to promote your brand and communicate its values.

However, it is important to define the ideal moment to offer your gift to your target. The main objective is to provide a unique and emotionally positive customer experience.

Some business owners prefer to wait for a special occasion to offer promotional items to their customers, including :

  • To welcome them at the onboarding, with a personalized welcome message, following the purchase of a program;
  • To thank them at the end of the program;
  • To mark a special date (Christmas, Easter, anniversary of the collaboration…).

This is a good communication strategy to make an impression, but it is possible to distribute them at any time. By betting on the surprise effect, by sending the gifts to the home of your targets for example, you can be sure that the recipients will be grateful.

As well as the need to define a marketing strategy, the analysis of the actions implemented is also important to Build customer loyalty. The idea is to show your interest in them. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to send an email to invite them to confirm the reception of your promotional gifts.

Also, before sending your email, you can create workflows related to personalized objects with HubSpot’s editor.

At what point in your customer journey should you offer them?

How to differentiate yourself from the competition ?

To get the most out of your marketing strategy and improve communication with customers, create a personalized gift that is unique, captivating and memorable. The usefulness of personalized objects is now multiple. To put all the chances on your side, bet on objects useful to the recipients in their daily life and in connection with your activity.

You are a company specialized in the production and/or marketing of cosmetic products ? Opt for make-up kits or pocket mirrors with your brand’s logo. This promotional gift will please beauty addicts, who will not hesitate to tell their friends and family about your brand.

You are a green start-up wishing to advocate ecology in the face of the environmental emergency ? Offer your customers personalized goodies made from biodegradable or recyclable materials. You can choose between your logo, the slogan of your company or a clear and inspiring message like “The earth created us, why destroy it ? “.

These are only two examples among many others. Not only are advertising goodies perfect for showing your gratitude to your customers, they also reinforce your notoriety. Be careful not to overload them with unnecessary data and information.