What free reverse directories for mobile and landlines in France and internationally

Which free reverse lookup directories for mobiles and landlines in France and abroad?

To whom n’It's not like you're going to get a call from someone else’an unknown number while away and wonder who was trying to reach them ? When you know the number, you don't have to worry’usually doesn't hesitate for a second to call back. But when the number is unknown, we often think that it is not known’it could be’s name’a marketing call and we don't bother to call back. Except that the’Except that the call might have some impact on the game’importance. He could, for example, come from’a relative who has just changed his number. C’This is why it is useful to refer to a reverse lookup directory to search for the right person’identity of his correspondent.

Bouygues Telecom, France Telecom, Free, SFR, QuiDonc, Infobel, Orange, CTQui… Many organizations offer reverse lookup directories, which can be used by anyone’They can be free or paid, online on the internet or by phone, for landlines or mobiles, in France or abroad’stranger. Here is a small guide to enlighten you.

Reverse phone directories online or by phone

First step in choosing your reverse directory and know what form suits you best. There are many solutions by phone, such as service providers like 118XXX. 118218, 118712 and other professionals of the’telephone directories are specialized in number search.

But these numbers are often paid and quite expensive.

C’This is why many consumers prefer to turn to online solutions, mostly free. You can search for a number on the internet and find out the name of your correspondent, provided that’It is also important that the directory is not unlisted – although this criterion is less and less reliable nowadays.

Free and paid reverse phone directories

As with many services, there are both free and paid versions of the service’Reverse directories, either reverse white pages or reverse yellow pages. You might think that’a paying service would be more complete, than’we could find some unlisted numbers there’we would not find on a free service. But this n’This is not the case: even paid services are not allowed to disclose unlisted numbers.

Il n’It is thus not necessarily useful to turn towards a paying service, those not having more information than a free service’Information that the free services.

Reverse directories for mobile or fixed phone numbers

Although most of the large online reverse phone books cover both mobile and landline numbers, some are limited to the Internet’one or the’other to better specialize. Depending on the number you want to search, you will have to make the right choice. There is no point in searching for a landline number in a reverse directory for cell phones.

Reverse directories in France and abroad’international

You should also know that some large reverse phone books even cover international numbers. Thus, even if your correspondent calls from the’if you are a foreigner, you will still be able to find the identity of the caller. beware, however, on some platforms, even free, you may be asked to pay extra to search for an international number.

Which sites to search for cell phone numbers in France ?

Here are a few sites that can help you find the correspondents attached to a cell phone number in France. Most of them also cover landlines and international numbers.

  • Yellow Pages : www.pagesjaunes.en/reverse-directory
  • Free search : reverse directory.free-search.net/
  • Directory Reverse France : www.reverse-directory-france.com/
  • L’Internet user : www.linternaute.com/white-pages/
  • Local : www.local.en/reverse-directory/
  • CTQui : www.ctqui.com/
  • L’directory : www.directory.fr/reverse-directory.php
  • 118 712 : www.118712.en/reverse-directory-free.html
  • 118 218 : www.118218.en/reverse-directory
  • 118 000 : reverse directory.118000.en/
  • Reverse Directory : www.reverse-directory.com/
  • France Inverse : www.france-inverse.com/reverse-directory/
  • Reverse directory for Free Box : directory.freebox.en/directory/
  • Infobel : www.infobel.com/en

You only have to find the number you are looking for’to find the one that suits you best !