What are the 5 best apps to see the weather on Android

What are the 5 best applications to see the weather on Android ?

What will the weather be like tomorrow ? How do I get the weather?’dress up for my family dinner this weekend ? Should I bring boots and a k-way to next month’s festival ? To answer these questions, you can simply use the’weather application integrated into your smartphone. But if you want to go further, such as watching the moon or being aware of the movement of clouds in real time, know that’there are some more advanced weather applications. Here is our top five list of the best weather apps on Android.

Simple Weather, the weather in all simplicity

Let’s start our top five with the’the simplest application of’use. With a clear design and a very practical interface, Simple Weather offers you all the basic features of the weather – precise information on the temperature and the weather to come, humidity of the’This is the first time that a user has access to a weather station, not only air and rainfall, wind strength and gusts, but also some additional advanced options such as temperature feedback and wind speed graphs’evolution of the weather of’one time to the next’other. This application also has several handy widgets that you can add to your home screen.

Weather Underground, the community weather

Let’s continue with an application that is still as simple as ever’use, but perhaps only slightly more accurate. In fact, Weather Underground combines information from more than 33.000 weather stations around the world to provide the most accurate forecasts possible. A little extra in Weather Underground, users can even give updates on the weather in their area, making it a community weather !

Yowindow Free Weather, the weather forecast in a playful way

Small step through a very simple and basic application, but with a very worked design. Yowindow Free Weather actually offers all the basic features of a weather forecasting application’not only provides a standard weather forecast, but also displays a cartoon landscape on its user interface that reflects the real-time weather in your current location. Scroll through the hours as if you were scrolling through an online video to see the changes over time – changes in light levels, weather and climate conditions… With Yowindow Free Weather, weather forecasting becomes a fun break !

Morecast, live weather

Let’s move on to the more complete applications. At first sight, Morecast n’offers nothing more than the latest technology’a classic weather application. With its intuitive interface, you can see the current weather, scrolling down to the details of the day’s conditions and scrolling to the sides, the weather for the following days.

But what about’it the’If you push a little bit further, you will quickly realize that the weather forecast is not the only one’there are also many small additional features, such as webcams displaying the weather at different times of the day around the world or a weather navigation function to help you plan routes in the best conditions. Handy if you go on vacation !

Weather Timeline, the most complete forecast

Finally, the title of’Weather Timeline is the ultimate weather application, with its beautiful interface and large library of widgets. C’is a very comprehensive application that allows you to choose between five different weather services to use and an option to enable notifications of different weather changes in real time. On top of that, many additional features complete the Weather Underground’application already well supplied: moon viewer, several radar maps allowing to visualize the clouds and the coming rain, several interactive graphs showing data on temperature, precipitation and pressure… Without any doubt, Weather Timeline offers the most complete weather forecast !