What are the 7 best TV brands

What are the 7 best TV brands ?

On n’You don’t buy a TV like you buy a loaf of bread. C’is a big budget, and it’s a good idea to keep it that way’hat is why you need to find the most reliable TV that will last over time. Here’s a review of the 7 best TV brands.

Which TV brands are the most reliable ?

When the’you want to buy a TV, the brand Samsung comes to the’spirit quickly enough, thanks to its reputation. D’Other brands are also very reliable: LG, Sony, Hisense, Philips, Panasonic and TCL.


Samsung is the’one of the leaders in the digital sector. As far as TVs are concerned, they have a very small screen’a ultra-thin screen which allows you to easily attach them to the wall or save space. In addition, they very low power consumption, which is profitable in the long run.

There is also a significant advantage for fans of decoration: the brand offers a range of TVs with a wide range of colours matching TVs to d’other devices such as speakers, home theater, etc. At the level design, we are on the top of the range. Samsung is known for its reliable, durable and aesthetic products.

LG Hisense has positioned itself quite well in the TV market. C’is a brand that has made its evidence which attracts many consumers thanks to its quality/price ratio. The design of the TVs is also appreciated by all, as the screens are borderless which is the most beautiful visual effect.

We are working on innovative, aesthetic and quality products. The price remains rather affordable, and the devices have a lifespan more than 10 years’acceptable. However, it is the medium and small screens that are the most successful at LG.

The brand only offers LED and LCD models. Nevertheless, its technology motionflow allows you to’to have a qualitative image, because the movements at the’screen are perfectly processed. In addition, the Sony TV have the LED backlighting RVD which improves the quality of the sound’image.

Here we are reassured about the reliability of products, because the brand offers TVs of equal quality. A more advanced range is also available for movie lovers. You can create a real small cinema room at home.



Like many other brands, Samsung’electronics, Hisense is a Chinese company. Most of the televisions marketed are products high-end. As a result, Hisense TVs offer many advantages. All of’At first, the design is very advanced. Then, the quality of’image and sound quality are superior to most products of competing brands.

L’LCD screen allows you to watch any kind of movie’It is possible to watch any program in HD, even if you have problems with your eyesight. Hisense is always at the cutting edge of technology: Smart TVs, energy consumption, etc’Low power consumption, support for a variety of TV formats’video and image display. We note however that the budget will have to be higher if you want to invest in a Hisense TV.


Philips offers a quality of’exceptional image quality. C’is its main selling point since’it is indisputable. The television models have a’ultra-wide screens, which allows for’adapt to the formats of big budget films.

To immerse yourself even more in the movies, Philips offers the’The Ambilight option, which triggers lighting effects on the sides of the screen, is a great feature’The quality of the TV set depends on the action of the movie. It’s not’It’s no wonder that the exceptional picture quality of the’s image is outstanding and Philips offers light effects since’Basically, it’s a’is a company of’lighting !


Panasonic is known for its plasma screens. As the leader in this field, we appreciate the entry-level TV models that offer a high quality of service’incredible image. The contrast and the brightness are above the average. It is also possible to insert a SD card in most models. The tough panel allows to’have a very resistant base.

Panasonic is a brand reliable, which is over 100 years old. You can therefore invest in a television with peace of mind.

TCL is a brand that offers many models in several different ranges. This is not’is not yet a brand that develops its own technologies to innovate, it is not yet a brand that develops its own technologies to innovate’That’s why it does not’is not yet ubiquitous on the market. However, TCL is interesting in terms of quality/price. For the same range, the televisions are less expensive than their competitors’, while being just as good (screen size, aesthetics, quality of lighting)’image).

Choosing a reliable television set takes a little time, because you have to find THE TV that meets all your needs: budget, quality of service, etc’s image, size of the’screen, design, reliability, quality/price ratio, etc. Rely on the best brands, each with their own unique characteristics, and no single brand is all that different’Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for advice’to sales consultants.