Solve Step 7, 8 and 9 of your Freebox

Resolve L’Step 7, 8 and 9 of your Freebox

Starting a freebox usually has 8 phases. Apart from step 5, they correspond to various operations necessary for the proper functioning of your installation. It will therefore be necessary to pass them one to access the operator’s services. In some cases, the modem can also display an alert relating to a stage 9. It is most often an error message concerning telephony.

Understand the reason for blocking your Freebox in step 7

At each start -up stage, the Freebox checks, then launches the required services to connect to the Internet. It also controls the essential conditions for initialization. A blockage can thus be caused by factors essential to the stage in question. For example, the Freebox Step 1 blockage often comes from the power supply (connections, multiple education, extensions, disturbance of the electrical network, etc.).

The step is indeed to control and start the physical components of the modem.

Step 7 corresponds, for its part, to the verification of the free box firmware. This is internal software to operate the device. In order to remain efficient, the case checks the installed version at the start.

He will then launch the automatic updates, if necessary. The box can take the next step, when the download is useless or finished.

In the event of concern, the device will remain blocked on step 7. The symptom may evoke an unfinished download, an installation error, an expectation of response from the servers … In any case, the device seeks to update the internal software, but cannot install it. However, he needs complete and operational firmware to work. Therefore, the box awaits the realization of the process.

Discover the origin of the problem

The blocking in step 7 is apparently simple. Indeed, it indicates the appearance of an update error of the on -board system. The solution therefore consists in adjusting the anomaly. However, the concern can come from freebox, installation or line itself. You will then need to proceed by elimination to solve the problem.

As a last resort, you can call customer service.

A bad connection can notably prevent download. Even if you are already connected, you can sometimes lose the signal due to defective cables or a non -compliant installation. You must start by checking your connections.

To guide you, do not hesitate to use your data on mobile to consult the operator’s assistance platform.

The access provider also offers a specific information page for network failures. In this way, you will immediately know, if the FAI line is involved. You will thus avoid manipulation on your equipment. Once these tracks have been set, connect your box to the line of another subscriber. Your installation is at the origin of the problem, if the start -up can be done correctly.

Otherwise, the modem is probably defective.

What are the solutions to get out of step 7 of my freebox ?

If you suspect material failure, the only solution is to contact the Free Technical Team. You can in particular call the customer service which will redirect you. It is also possible to directly approach technicians in the operator’s shops.

In this case, professionals will make an advanced diagnosis of the device and will replace it if necessary.

You will have to review your installation, if some cables have been inserted or inserted incorrectly. In addition, the access provider is recommended to use extensions and multiple women on its equipment. These accessories can disrupt the operation of the device. Therefore, the network can become unstable and affect the downloads.

This type of problem can nevertheless be identified, when you connect the box to the adsl or fiber socket from another free subscriber.

What solutions if I am blocked in step 8 of my freebox ?

Step 8 represents the finalization of the Freebox start -up cycle. At this stage, the modem records and loads all the parameters configured since the first phase. The blocking therefore refers to an anomaly occurred in the meantime on one of the elements already verified during the previous steps. Therefore, you will have to make the diagnostics specific to each phase (equipment, network, connection, etc.).

You can also directly restart your box. The technique works on most minor concerns when launching the modem. With blocking in step 8, the services seem to be operational, but the device refuses to start.

All you have to do is unplug and reconnect, then turn on the box after a few minutes to resume the start -up process.

What to do if I block on step 9 of my freebox ?

The blocking in step 9 is caused by a problem linked to fixed telephony. You must check the line and the wiring corresponding to this service. Remember to insert each tip of the cords dedicated to the phone, without forcing these fragile parts.

It is also necessary to carefully observe the state of the wall ports and on the devices.

If your connections seem correct, consult the network of network failures on the official operator platform. It can simply be a generalized problem. This type of anomaly can also be known by requesting the situation of other subscribers.

Finally, the dysfunction sometimes comes from connection errors in the distribution point. In this case, you will need to contact free technicians to restore your line.

How to react if the problem still persists ?

If the problem persists, you need to request technical assistance through customer service. You can in particular reach advisers by phone at 3244, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The service is also accessible on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The price of the call is included in your package, if you use a free mobile line. Otherwise, you will have to refer to the price grid of the competitor operator.

The technical team can also be contacted by videoconferencing in French sign language, if you are deaf or hearing impaired. On the other hand, the face to free service is no longer open to the general public. It made it possible to obtain the help of a free technician by Visio since 2015.

Open to all subscribers (fixed and mobile), the service was definitively abandoned in November 2022.