Some practical tips to improve your SEO

Some practical tips to improve your SEO

Natural SEO is a web marketing visibility lever that may seem complex at first glance. Indeed, when you travel blogs on the subject, there are multiple tips, google updates, algorithms and penalties that must be taken into account. We will therefore try to give you some keys and good practices to set up to improve the referencing of your site.

It all starts with a story of keywords

Who says develops the organic visibility of its site, said Improve your positions on Google. Yes but if you find yourself first on an expression that is never tapped by Internet users it will be useless. So the first thing to do is precisely knowing that people hit the search engine.

So take the time to make a keyword audit to analyze your market and then develop an adapted editorial strategy.

Content that makes you want

Once you know what people are hit, you have to respond to the request. The search engines seek to position pages that meet the keyword caught. In this stage, you must therefore arm yourself with your keyboard and try to inform people to provide them with their request.

The content must be voluminous and rich enough for the search engine that analyzes it immediately understands what it is.

This step takes a long time, so do not hesitate to plan many time slots to this task.

Also avoid making the mistake of talking only about you. You must above all talk about what the customer is looking for and bring real added value on the subject.

On your content, give particular importance to the Title tag on the page and to the various titles present on the page by inserting the keyword targeted.

Links, again links

Once you have great content that responds perfectly to the keyword typed by the Internet user, you have to go to the popularity stage. To classify sites that talk about the same subject, search engines are based on the number and quality of links from other sites that target yours.

You must therefore focus on recovering external links from quality sites in your theme.

To do this, the best method is to take your phone and contact suppliers, customers and partners to offer them partnerships and add a link to your site. Do not generally hesitate to talk about your site around you.

No technical problems

Finally, you will have to make sure that the search engine robots have no particular problem to consult your content and your pages.

On this point, the rule is relatively easy: it is enough to design a technically simple site, without frills and complex animations. Thus, you will have the assurance that robots are not likely to encounter specific technical obstacles.