Everything about Steel Steel

Everything about L’hardened steel

Today there are several types of steel used for the manufacture of equipment and devices such as knives, furniture, etc. To make this material more resistant, it is made to undergo all kinds of thermal treatments, among which we find the caliber. We then speak of soaked steel, a type of steel which has specific characteristics that it would be very useful to know.

This is why we invite you to read more, in order to better understand what the tempered steel is exactly.

How to recognize a tempered steel ?

How to recognize a tempered steel?

For those who have never heard of it, the caliber is a metallurgical process to treat materials such as steel, aluminum, etc. It is a heat treatment which consists of Heat a metal to change the phase. This process can have several objectives, but generally, it changes certain mechanical characteristics of steel.

In other words, a tempered steel has very different characteristics of standard steel. Indeed, not only does it change phase, but in addition, thanks to this process, steel now contains carbon. These are the two criteria that recognize a tempered steel. Among the other characteristics that can be modified by the caliber, we can cite:

· There maximum resistance ;

The capacity to Resist permanent deformations ;

The capacity to deform while resuming its initial form ;

The capacity to shock, etc.

What a steel for a caliber ?

It exists Several types of steel that you can use as part of the manufacture of tools or materials of all kinds. Among them, some are specially adapted to the caliber process. It is :

· THE Special non -allied steels

This type of steel is often used in industries. If you have it, you should know that it is essential to keep it in an adequate space to prevent its degradation. To do this, you can Use a professional storage box Near you or near your processing plant.

This type of steel is generally: wearing, malleable, forgeable, and many others. To summarize, he can undergo all kinds of thermal treatments, whose caliber.

· Weakly allied steels

This type of steel is the most suitable for suffering the caliber and the process associated with it called the income. It is made up’Elements of alloy which promotes its dipability and allow it to be transformed into high hardness steel or even high elastic limit. We use it for the manufacture of tools, springs, bearings, etc.

· Strongly allied steels

This type of steel can also undergo thermal transformations. In this category we find the Multilized steels as well as Stainless steels. Among multi -phase steels are found: duplex steels, dual phase steels, damask steels, triple steels.

Regarding stainless steels, these are steels with a great resistance to corrosion, or fluctuating and hot oxidation. There are generally chrome (for stainless properties), and nickel (for mechanical properties). This type of steel is used in several areas such as: L’food, cutlery, chemistry, household equipment, nuclear, etc.

Is that’rusty soaked steel ?

Does the rust-soaked steel?

Yes, It is possible that soaked steel can rust under certain conditions. You should know that this heat treatment process does not prevent steel from rusting. It allows rather increase your hardness, either simply on the surface, or also at the heart of the room.

So if you want prevent your metal from being attacked by the Rouille, what is needed is to opt for a alloy steel, that is to say containing nickel and chrome. You can also opt for one or more steel chemical treatments, to cover its surface with a stainless film.

What is the purpose of the caliber ?

What is the purpose of the caliber?

The process which is to carry out the steel caliber can have several specific objectives. First of all, he allows to’significantly increase the hardness of the original steel. This means that if you want to use steel to make equipment, soaked steel bars will be harder than standard steel bars.

In this regard, you should know that to measure the hardness of a steel, we use the Rockwell scale. You will have the choice between several scales: A, B, C, D, E, F, etc. Each scale is used to measure the hardness of the steel according to the product to be manufactured. Thus, for the manufacture of steel knives for example, the C scale is generally used.

In addition to increasing the hardness of steel, the caliber can offer other advantages. It all depends on the material on which the process is used. We can therefore use it in some cases to restore certain mechanical properties lost during the processing phases of materials.

Finally, you should know that several factors can influence in various ways the characteristics of a tempered steel. Among them we find:

Cooling speed;

The caliber temperature;

· The chemical composition of steel;

Timpling time.

You can learn more about soaked steel and its characteristics from experts in the field. They will be best placed to explain to you in more detail all the advantages of this steel transformation process, as well as the different situations in which we use it.