Youprice the small virtual telephony operator that goes up

YOUPRICE: the small virtual telephony operator rising

Youprice, a recent virtual operator, offers flexible subscriptions and a most attractive data/price ratio. He has quickly imposed his name in the world of the telephone package thanks to his offers at unbeatable prices. With the range of 4G or 5G mobile packages available, you just need to define the offer that meets your budget and your daily use.

Presentation of L’Virtual operator Youprice

Present on the market since June 2022, Youprice is a virtual mobile telephony operator dedicated to the general public. He is held by the France Digital SAS group. More specifically, the brand belongs to its subsidiary offering offers intended for professionals: Netcom Group.

The flexibility of the proposed subscriptions allows this young MVNO to quickly win on the telecoms market. Thanks to its adjustable and without commitment packages, it has seduced individuals from its first year on the market. It offers the possibility of paying only the mobile data consumed.

Our opinion on YouPrice is pretty good.

It is good to note that by turning to this virtual mobile telephony operator, you have the choice between the Orange and SFR networks. He takes advantage of the decade of experience of Netcom Group in the world of mobile telephony to win in the telecoms sector for individuals. The flexible and adjustable packages, designed to adapt to the actual consumption of its customers, have become the trademark of Youprice.

It is for this reason that he quickly became a reference on the mobile telephony market.

What are the packages offered ?

There range of mobile plans marketed by YouPrice is available in ten offers, including five formulas on each network. Whether on orange or SFR, you have the choice between:

  • The mini package;
  • The One Package;
  • The L’Instietial package;
  • The most package;
  • The Optimal Package.

These are 4G packages, but 5G is available as an option throughout the metropolitan territory (except for the mini offer). In addition, the surcharged numbers are blocked, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises by receiving your monthly bill. Its telephone service has nothing to envy that offered by competition. SMS, MMS and calls are unlimited.

By implementing the adjustable double packages, the objective of this young operator is to allow subscribers to take advantage of a fair invoicing. Only the data sliced consumed during the month is billed. You want to make as many savings as possible ? In addition to buying a reconditioned smartphone, opt for the formula that meets your needs.

What are the prices of youprice ?

For each of the Mobile packages offered by YouPrice, Whether on the SFR or Orange network, the prices are available in three levels: minimum, intermediate and maximum. Thanks to this formula, you no longer have to worry about your disparate consumption mode.

The mini

With the fixed invoice of € 4.99/month, you have a quota of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, and 500 MB of 4G 4G Internet. This offer is valid for communications to mainland France, EU countries and DOM.

The One

  • For consumption up to 10 GB, you will be billed at € 6.99/month for the first six months, then € 9.99/month;
  • Between 10 and 20 GB, you will be billed at € 7.99/month for the first six months, then at € 12.99/month;
  • From 20 to 30 GB, you will be billed at € 8.99/month for the first six months, then to € 14.99/month.

The Essential

  • Up to’at 60 GB D’Mobile Internet for € 8.99/month for six months, then € 11.99/month;
  • From 60 GB to 80 GB of data for € 11.99/month for six months, then € 14.99/month;
  • From 80 GB to 110 GB of mobile data for € 14.99/month for six months, then € 17.99/month.


  • 13.99 €/month fixed for consumption up to 100 GB;
  • 16.99 €/month fixed for a consumption of 100 to 120 GB;
  • € 19.99/month fixed for a consumption of 120 to 140 GB.


  • Up to’140 GB of data for € 12.99/month for the first six months, then € 15.99/month;
  • from 140 GB to 170 GB D’Mobile Internet for € 15.99/month for the first six months, then € 18.99/month;

From 170 GB to 200 GB of mobile data for € 18.99/month for the first six months, then € 21.99/month.