What differentiates an iPhone from a Smartphone

What are the differences between an iPhone and a Smartphone? 

You want to change your cell phone, but can't decide between an iPhone or a Smartphone. In fact, you are not sure what the differences are between the iPhone and the Smartphone. You will find here all the explanations allowing you to understand the specificities of each of these cell phone devices and to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts. First of all, we can say that an iPhone is a mobile and touch phone from the Apple brand with certain functions.

Smartphone is the generic name for mobile and touch phones of all brands.

The iPhone, its history and what differentiates it from Smartphones

The Apple company introduced the iPhone to the market in 2007. Each year, a new one is released, with several models. Basically, an iPhone has a touch screen, a camera, an Internet connection, a GPS and telephony with sms, mms and voice. Since its creation, Apple has sold more than 2 billion iPhones worldwide.
Remember that Apple exists since 1976 and has revolutionized the world of computing with the Macintosh computers. The brand then launched iPods to replace cassette and CD players and then launched the first iPhone in 2007 which revolutionized the world of mobile telephony. Nowadays, Apple remains at the forefront of these technologies with the Mac Pro, the Mac Mini or the iMac for desktop computers but also with the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook for laptop computers. There are still iPods, but also the airPod and HomePod to listen to music.

Apple is still investing the market with the iPad and iPad Pro tablets, the TV with Apple TV, the smart watches with Apple Watch and of course with the iPhone.

The iPhone and its operating system

The iPhone has a proprietary operating system called IOS. It is updated with each new model and its strong point when it was released was the system of applications such as video games, access to social networks, etc. The iPhone uses its own connectors. For example, the iPhone X does not have an audio jack or a USB port. It uses its lightning connector to recharge, but also to connect to a computer or to the audio output.

On the other hand, to connect to a computer, it is almost mandatory to use the Apple i Tunes application.

The Smartphone, its history and what differentiates it from the iPhone

The Smartphone is a mobile and touch phone. It includes a camera, a personal assistant and some laptop functions as well as telephony, sms and mms. Currently, 99% of cell phones are Smartphones. Many companies manufacture smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, but also Apple with its iPhone which is also a smartphone with its own operating system.

Sony, Blackberry and Xiaomi are also among the major competing brands.

The Smartphone and its operating system

Each manufacturer can decide on the operating system of their choice for a smartphone. It will be then redistributor of Windows Mobile or Android. It also has the choice to create its own system like iOS for iPhone or OS for Blackberry.

Currently, 3 out of 4 smartphones use Android. There is not much room left for other mobile systems, so even Microsoft does not exceed 1% with its own mobile system. Android is a system developed by Google that has taken this big market share. As there is a lot of competition in the smartphone market, each brand offers new features when it releases a new device. Thus, we find smartphones with a larger screen than others, less thick, lighter or with a more powerful camera, an SD card with a larger memory capacity, etc.

Thus, it becomes very difficult to choose his cell phone so much, the competition is important and the prices increasingly expensive.

The differences to summarize between iPhone and Smartphone

The name Smartphone refers to a smart phone. IPhone is one of them, but it is made by Apple, so it is very high quality and unique to the brand. Smartphone remains a generic name for all other brands.

IPhone uses IOS which is the unique operating system of Apple and the Smartphone runs on all other operating systems.

In conclusion, we can say that the iPhone is the Rolls-Royce of cell phones and the Smartphone is the generic name for all other smart cell phones. We must not forget that an iPhone is also a Smartphone among others. So to finish, a little advice: it's up to you to choose the one you prefer by testing it on site in a dedicated store.