What are the advantages of Huawei Euresa System Matebook D16

What are the advantages of the Huawei Matebook D16 ?

The Huawei Matebook D16 is today among the flagship products of the Chinese manufacturer. The laptop is distinguished, among other things, by its compact design and its neat finish. Beyond aesthetics, the laptop displays good performance and correct autonomy for daily use.

The PC is perfect for surfing, chatting and streaming videos. On the other hand, it is not suitable for gaming.

Technical presentation of the Matebook D16 Huawei

The screen is one of the first Benefits of the Matebook D16. This is an asset inherited from the Magicbook Pro of the Honor brand, owned by the Huawei group. Concretely, the laptop is equipped with an IPS 16: 9 LCD slab of 16.1 inch with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

This screen occupies 90 % of the front side thanks to the absence of the webcam. Indeed, the camera is integrated into the keyboard between the F7 and F8 keys on the Matebook D16. It is retractable and therefore makes it possible to avoid any risk of spying.

In its basic configuration, the computer has an Intel Core i5 12th generation processor, 16 GB of RAM DDR4 and an SSD of 512 GB. It is also offered, as an option, with a CPU Intel Core i7 series H 12th generation. On both versions, the graphic chip is integrated into the chipset. The RAM is also united to the motherboard.

On the other hand, the storage is expandable via a free connector for type M SSD.2,2280 supporting up to 2 to.

Located to the right of the keyboard, the start button has a very responsive fingerprint reader. It is integrated into one of the perforated bands on both sides of the keyboard to hide the speakers. The touchpad is pleasant with its comfortable 12 cm width.

It also contains the NFC chip used to synchronize a smartphone using theHuawei Share app. This option encourages more and more users to choose a Huawei Matebook computer.

In terms of connectors, the laptop includes a helmet/microphone input and two USB-A 3 ports.2 on the right edge. The right edge includes, for its part, an HDMI port and two USB type-C inputs. These allow you to recharge various devices, even when the computer is turned off. They also serve to recharge the PC. In addition, they are compatible with a DisplayPort screen.

Finally, network connectivity is managed by an Intel AX200 chip. Laptop thus supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 wireless technologies.1.

What are its advantages compared to other laptops ?

There versatility is one of the greatest advantages of the Matebook D16. Indeed, this computer is planned for teleworking and current uses such as reading video, streaming, shopping … It has in particular a chassis and a keyboard adapted to standard uses. In addition, the presence of a digital pavement improves daily comfort.

In addition to its size, the model of the model is illustrated by its management of the blue light Tüv Rheinland. This particularity helps to spare the eyes of the user despite a sustained use of the laptop. On the other hand, the slab offers total coverage of the SRGB space.

The display then allows you to enjoy good image saturation and just colorimetry.

Connectivity is also presented as one of the main advantages of the Matebook D16. According to the manufacturer, the Metaline Antenna system makes it possible to amplify signals at a 56 % higher level compared to conventional PCs. The laptop offers solid and stable Wi-Fi for fun or professional uses.

This strong point is decisive in an environment disturbing the signal of the wireless network.

Finally, the price stands out as the Best asset of this Huawei laptop. The brand offers a powerful, elegant and resistant PC for less than 1,000 euros. Besides, its configuration stands out clearly in this price category.

In addition, the device has good autonomy to cover almost 8 hours of use, or a working day. The computer also surprises by the speed of its partial recharge. In 15 minutes, it is possible to find a sufficient level of charge to perform two hours of activity.