What difference can there be between an SMS and an MMS

What is the difference between SMS and MMS? 

Until a few years ago, a cell phone was used to make a phone call or to take a picture. Now, there are also many functions that we have at our disposal. SMS and MMS are two of the other very used and practical means of communication and if you still don't know the difference, here is an explanation that can enlighten you on these two applications.

The difference between SMS and MMS

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What is the use of personalized objects

What is the’usefulness of personalized objects ?

To arouse customers’ interest, personalized goodies are the best way to communicate. Distributing advertising objects with the image of the company also allows to create loyalty. However, it is necessary to know the right moment to offer them and to define the ideal type of gift to differentiate from the competition.

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Which technologies can help you boost your business

Which technologies can help you boost your business ?

Even the companies that seem to be the most archaic or operating on old models do not seem today to be able to do without certain technological advances. Currently, there are five major technologies that herald the future and should help some areas to go a step further. But what are these soon-to-be-prime technologies ?

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Which sites apply netiquette The Modern Geek

To which sites does it apply?

Netiquette is a concept that emerged with the advent of Web 2.0. This evolution translates into the possibility of interacting with other people, instead of only accessing information. However, screens can make some users more disrespectful, aggressive and reckless.

Netiquette is used to remind Internet users of the rules that are common sense and the law.

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Which pro bank to choose in 2023 The Modern Geek

Which pro bank to choose in 2023 ?

The business bank account is used by a company throughout its existence. In concrete terms, it is dedicated to the disbursements and receipts related to its activity. In addition to the classic services included in a traditional current account, it integrates functionalities specially designed for professionals. Is such an account mandatory? ? Which bank to choose to open it ?

Is it compulsory to’open a business account ?

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Phone and tablet repair – get a competent professional

Phone and tablet repair : to have recourse to a competent professional in Paris

Our smartphones and high-tech devices are becoming more and more indispensable to our daily lives. They are essential for our professional life, but also allow us to stay in touch with our loved ones. Is your phone faulty? ? So find a competent and efficient professional !

Repair my smartphone or tablet: a fast, efficient and cheap option in Paris !

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What is the role of a web agency

What is the role of’a web agency ?

In June 2020, there were no less than 1.78 billion websites worldwide. As an entrepreneur, digitizing your business has become a necessity to ensure your sustainability in a constantly changing society. However, going digital requires specific skills.

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IT outsourcing advantages and disadvantages

IT outsourcing: advantages and disadvantages

IT outsourcing or facilities management is a practice that has many benefits for a business. We can mention among others its financial interest. That said, it is not without risk.

Before considering this solution, any company must know the danger of IT outsourcing in order to be protected from it.

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SEO or SEM, what is the best strategy for my e-commerce

SEO or SEM, what is the best strategy for my e-commerce ?

L’The illusion of creating our own online business can be frustrated when, after the’have started, the sales have not yet arrived. This low traffic can be caused by various reasons, but there is one that stands out from all others: the low number of visits to our online store.

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